The CARES UP Model

Step Four - Train UP

A purple pyramid highlighting the Train UP step with the definition of the step below.

As your agency works on identified action plan goals, it is important for staff to understand the risks and protective factors of being a first responder. Providing education and training around these factors can normalize the experience and provide tools to deal with the stressors. In this step, the team will focus on identifying training to support your team’s mental wellness. This training can teach them ways to improve their resilience in the face of job and life stressors.

General Mental Health & Wellness Training:

The CARES UP team suggests starting with a general mental health and wellness training for all staff to take part in. Visit the link below to learn of the various examples for your leadership team to review and choose from.  

General Mental Health & Wellness Training Offered For Uniformed Personnel

Resiliency Trainings & Activities:

After staff have completed a general mental health training, it is recommended that they participate in a resiliency training. Resilience or resiliency is often defined as the ability to adapt to and recover from stress and adversity and maintain a high level of psychological functioning. Having resources, structure, and values is important for an agency; this helps the individual to function in a positive way when there is exposure to adversity. 

Helpful resources & articles: 

Additional Education Webinars:

View these presentations on mental health and wellness for the wider community. In addition, a pre-recorded webinar focused on 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline & The Transformation of Crisis Services in New York State can be found viewed here.

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